Arizona Election Review Results Are Out

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The results of the Arizona election review with regard to the 2020 Presidential election results, proved that the winner is Joe Biden, the President. It is to be noted that the review was supported by the members of the senate that is in control of the Republican Party. It proved that Donald Trump, the former President of the country, was actually defeated by his Democratic counterpart. 

Arizona Election Review- An Eye-Opener?

As per the details, it was witnessed that the number of votes by which the former Republican President lost to President Biden in the Arizona election review is 45000. This number is a little higher than the margin by which the current President had actually won. This Arizona election review was absolutely important for the pro-Trump members of the Republican Party.

This was very closely related to the baseless theory propagated by the former Republican President about the irregularities of the 2020 Presidential elections. After he lost the election, former President Donald Trump continued spreading the idea of tempered election results. He did a great deal to accuse the democratic system of the United States of America. 

The entire process of the said election review has been through so many problems over the months. So many things were added to the process by the allies of Donald Trump. This includes checking if the bamboo fibers were in the ballots or not. The officials related to the election and other experts had constantly expressed their disapproval of the Arizona election review. One of the people who had a very active role to play in the election review is Logan. He has never shied away from spreading the false propaganda of Donald Trump post the 2020 Presidential election results.    

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