Spending Bill’s Framework Is Ready

Spending Bill
Spending Bill

The spending bill amounting to a total of 3.5 trillion USD, has finally been partly approved by the members of the House of Representatives, the White House, and the Senators from the Democratic Party. The reason why the word “partly” is used is that an important part of the bill, that is the framework, has been agreed upon. They have decided the source of the 3.5 trillion USD. This incident took place on the 23rd of September that fell on a Thursday. 

Spending Bill Announcement

It is to be noted that not all members of the Democratic Party had shown support to the spending bill. A large part of it was due to the financial side of the bill. And even after the agreement, the leaders did not give away much information on the framework that has been decided upon. No statement was provided from Nancy Pelosi.

The House Speaker, on the matter. She did not say a thing about the date on which the spending bill would be presented for voting.  She also did not say a word about her commitment with regard to the infrastructure bill. She had previously stated to the moderates that the bipartisan bill would be presented in the House coming Monday. 

Nancy Pelosi was not alone at the press conference that takes place on a weekly basis. Others who were there include Chuck Schumer, the House majority leader, and Janet Yellen, the Treasury secretary.

Chuck Schumer stated that the infrastructure of the spending bill had been agreed upon by all the stakeholders like the Senate, the House, and well as the White House. And declared that the revenue matter had already been agreed upon. The moderates who do not favor the bill are Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin who are both Senators. 

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