Arizona Voter Report Forwarded To US Justice Dept.: State Asks Federal Prosecutors To Probe After Midterm Voters Intimidated

Arizona Voter Report

Officials have forwarded an Arizona voter report to the US Department of Justice for an investigation into possible voter intimidation. This after a voter was followed and filmed by a group in Maricopa County as he dropped off a ballot at a midterm election drop box.

Right-wing activists and Republicans have repeatedly disrupted the voting process in the state falsely citing election integrity. The Arizona voter report detailed that a voter followed this as he voted at a ballot box at the Mesa Juvenile Court in Maricopa County.

The Arizona voter report did not name the voter but said that the complaint has been referred to both the Dept. of Justice and the state AG for initiating an investigation into the incident.

Arizona Voter Report Not Isolated

The Arizona voter report detailed that the SOS has spoken to the harassed voter and informed officials of Maricopa County. The report was then forwarded to federal offices for a thorough investigation. This was revealed by the spokeswoman for the office of the Secretary of State, Sophia Solis.

There were no other specifics provided of the complaint. The Department of Justice has confirmed receiving the report but has not commented further on the matter.

The state attorney general’s office has also confirmed the Arizona voter report and said that every voter should not feel unsafe while exercising their voting rights. If anyone was threatened they should immediately contact the law enforcement authorities.

Right-wing advocates owing allegiance to Trump have tried to disrupt the voting process in Arizona citing a lack of election integrity. This campaign is backed by the same people who have repeatedly denied the 2020 presidential election results.

The gubernatorial candidate against Hobbs, Kari Lake, has been active in promoting such false claims. She has even refused to promise to accept the outcome of the coming midterms if it goes against her.

The Arizona Voter report is not isolated and there have been reports of such activities by right-wing activists who have been aggressively disrupting and monitoring voters and the voting process.