Joe Biden Focuses On Gas Prices And Abortion As Republicans Gain Ground Ahead Of Midterms

Joe Biden

Even as Republican candidates change their focus from abortion to inflation, immigration, and crime, Joe Biden is trying to make up for lost ground with three weeks to go for the midterms. In recent campaigns, Republicans have shied away from speaking on abortion and said that abortion was a distraction from ‘really important issues.’

The President announce more steps to bring down gas prices even as he declared that the prices are not falling fast enough even as he outlined more action. He unveiled plans to move ahead and release 15 M more barrels of oils from the national stockpile, referred to as the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

The cost of living, especially the price of gas has remained a volatile political issue. While there has been a significant drop in most states from the peak rates of the summer months, the national average for a gallon remains 50 cents above what it was a year back.

Biden Aims To Bring Back The Focus On Abortion In The Midterms

It is clear from his speech that Biden aims to focus on abortions more even as the midterms come close. The renewed apprehensions about the American economy seem to be advancing the chances of the Republicans in the midterms next month even as Biden pointedly spoke about abortion as he reminded voters of what lies at stake for women and families.

In a brief talk at the Howard Theatre, Washington, the President assured voters that codifying the protection related to abortion that was enshrined in Roe vs. Wade close to 50 years would be his primary priority if the Democratic Party gains control of the Senate and retains the House after the midterms.

But for that, the Democrats need to hold on to the House majority and also increase their seats in the Senate from the present 50-50 split. Speaking to a young audience, he said that we can succeed if people come out to vote. He described the elections as the most significant in American history.