Armie Hammer Recovering In Rehab For Sexual Fantasies

armie hammer
armie hammer

Arnie Hammer, 34, has reportedly entered a clinic for rehabilitation near Florida’s Orlando. On May 29, the actor had left his Cayman Islands home. Vanity Fair had been in touch with sources that had reported the incident.

Armie Hammer Has Been Suffering

The sources say that Armie Hammer’s family has fully supported the actor’s move. Several months ago, Armie Hammer had been at the end of multiple accusations from his former partners. They had talked about stories about the gruesome sexual fantasies of Hammer. The fantasies included cannibalism, rape, violence, and blood.

The most disturbing story was from someone with the name of Effie. She had posted a series of screenshots of direct messages between Armie Hammer and her. The January photos were never verified, however. Among these photos, Hammer had allegedly stated that he was a 100% cannibal. He also wanted to drink the woman’s blood.

In March, the police of Los Angeles began investing another claim by Effie where she accused him of violently raping her. This happened during their brief relationship in 2017.

The actor and his lawyer have always denied all wrongdoings. They have also stressed that Hammer being a cannibal and rapist are “patently untrue”. However, the fallout had seen him be dropped for WME, his agency. His role in several projects like The Minutes and Shotgun Wedding has also been removed.

Sources claim that the actor had approached Elizabeth Chambers, the estranged wife, for help regarding possible treatment. Witnesses had claimed in Instagram stories (which have since been deleted) that his closest people dropped him off. This included Elizabeth and their kids. They were seen hugging and emotional.

A pair of sources near the actor claim that Armie Hammer has been under treatment for over two weeks. An insider said that this is a positive sign of him regaining control over his life.

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