Kathryn Garcia Has Chance Of Winning New York City’s Mayoral Seat

Kathryn Garcia
Kathryn Garcia

The mayoral race for the Democratic party of New York City is not over yet. The officials of the city have not yet calculated the total votes. The voting system that decides the winner has been recently introduced in the city. Initially, Kathryn Garcia, the former commissioner of the department of sanitation, and Maya Wiley, the civil rights lawyer, were behind Eric Adams, the President of Brooklyn Borough. He was ahead by a total of ten points. This had been the case when the announcement was made on the “first choice preference” on the 23rd of June.

Kathryn Garcia Vs Adams

The recent result of the choice preference announcement is very different from the previous one. The result stated that the President of Brooklyn Borough President is ahead of the 51-year-old Kathryn Garcia by 2 points. This was revealed on Wednesday. And as per the critics’ opinion, the former commissioner of the sanitation department has a better chance of becoming the new mayor of New York City than her male opponent. And this will be proved after the absentee ballots votes are counted.

There were a total of 126,000 absentee ballots that were returned last Thursday. And none of those votes were counted in the results that were released last Wednesday. The only votes that have been counted are the ones that were in-person votes. 

The margin of Eric Adams over Kathryn Garcia was less than 15,000. This was in the final rounds of the choice voting that took place in the last count. In order to secure her win, Kathryn Garcia will have to usurp Adams on the absentee ballots. The number of absentee ballots is 126,000. She will have to score more than him by a total of 12 points.