Artificial Teeth Were Worn By Harlow Jane To Look Similar To Patricia Arquette, Her Mom

Harlow Jane

Harlow Jane plays the role of her mother’s character’s younger version on the comedy show aired on Apple TV+. Harlow Jane, the star of the High Desert is surely not going to back off into sinking her teeth to get a character perfect.

Harlow Jane who is in her 20s now joins her 55-year-old mom Patricia Arquette as her younger role Peggy. The mother-daughter already has a resemblance, and Jane is still keen on getting the role right, not even missing out on her mother’s smile.

As told exclusively to PEOPLE by Harlow Jane that she went over to her dentist and got him to put the artificial teeth over the original ones. Jane tells that her mother possesses specific teeth and Harlow Jane was really exploring the look. To get the look perfect, she even cut and dyed her hair which was all fun for the actress.

Jane is spotted in season 1 in episode four as the teen version of her mother, Peggy. Peggy in the show is furious and confronts her dad and the lady he has been living with and holding an affair with. The scene takes place when she is stubbornly caught hold of the car window and the couple is trying hard to roll up the window and drive off. 

Harlow Jane Shares Her Unique Experience

Harlow Jane mentions that that particular scene was all real. The makers were opting for a fake but Jane insisted on putting her arm through the window of the car and then driving away while rolling it up. Jane further shares that her arm consisted of bruises for almost a week but she says that all of it was surely worth it.