Trump Acts Against Republican Organizations For Using His Name For Donations


A statement was released by the attorneys of the former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. As per sources, it was concerning the appeals of fundraising and merchandise advocated by the three organizations of the Republican party.

The information was given out by the advisor of the former president this Saturday. The attorneys sent a letter of “cease-and-desist” to those three organizations. The content carried by the letter told them to not involve the name of the ex-president Trump any further.

Trump No Longer Supports Them

The three organizations involved are the National Republican Senate Committee, National Republican Congressional Committee and Republican National Committee. They had been using the name of Trump in order to make appeals for fundraising. There has been no statement given by all the committees as of now.

After the term of the Republican president got over, the above-mentioned committees have continued to make his reference in emails. The motive behind this was to ask for donations. They have not ceased to use the popularity of the ex-president to their advantage. The wider motive behind this action is to take control of both the Senate and the White House. This is targeted by them for the year 2022.

However, there has been no support provided to them from the side of ex-president Trump. This has been the case since the time he retired from his office and got went through a second impeachment. His impeachment was supported by a total of ten Republicans form the house. They collaborated with the Democrats in doing so.

Trump’s impeachment was also supported by seven Republicans from the Senate. They held him responsible for the violence that took place at the Capitol building in the month of January. his impeachment is the most unanimous decision ever in the impeachment history of the United States of America. However, Trump managed to stay unconvicted due to the short of 10 votes.

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