Ash Barty Shines Bright As She Clinches Wimbledon Title

ash barty
ash barty

Ash Barty created history by winning the recent edition of Wimbledon. By doing so, she became the only No.1 to win the championship in 5 years. Her win was much anticipated and she matched all the hype fittingly.

Ash Barty Becomes The Champion As Karolina Pliskova Go Down Fighting

The expectations were high from the No.1 in the world. But she seemed to match all of it with her splendid performance. As she clinched the title, after a neck-to-neck showdown, her willpower & grit were the ones to be admired. 

The match was no less a sports thriller. Ash Barty got a huge lead initially and ensured she did not let it go. She won the match against Pliskova in sets of three. The entire match saw Barty dominating. Her pinpointed shots and powerful aces made life difficult for her opponent. She did not lose a point till 14 which reflected her firm grasp on the match. 

After being dominated majorly, Pliskova showed a glimpse of return by making it 5-3 in the first. She commenced the second set commandingly as well enjoying a lead of 5-4. 

However, Ash Barty’s champion instinct took over and she bounced back imminently. She pounced on the final act and made it 6-3 in her favor. 

Ash Barty’s achievement set her up in the elite bracket. She was the sole Champion as World No.1 after Serena Williams pulled it off 5years ago. Barty acknowledged her opponent for the tough fight and also thanked her well-wishers.

On slightly related news, the Wimbledon finals crowd was treated to the attendance of Tom Cruise and two of his female co-stars from the Mission: Impossible franchise. Nevertheless, it will be a long tough battle for Ash Barty from here on out.

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