Brian Kemp Aims To Make Amends For The Broken GOP

David Perdue
David Perdue

Brian Kemp seemed to be scared as his second term approaches. Although the political scenario in Georgia has calmed down to a certain extent, the veteran politician was wary. 

Brian Kemp Nervous For Second Term Despite His Positive Mindset

The election demons did not seem to go away from Kemp’s mind. He was highly criticized for his role in the election. Republicans thought Brian Kemp should have put in more effort to ensure a win for Trump.

Though the situation has come under control, Kemp has a huge task on his hand. He has to amend the coalition of GOP to ensure proper functioning. The party of the Republicans should take lessons from the senate held in January. The Democrats made the most of the GOP situation as two of their representatives got a place in Senate.

Brian explained his idea of functioning recently. He vowed to focus on the development of the small areas of Georgia. He also wanted to appeal to the moderates residing in Atlanta. This was the same strategy that Brian Kemp exercised to win the previous elections. 

He praised the leadership qualities of his representatives at State & the Assembly. Kemp designed many plans going forward into his second term. He announced a pay hike for the education staff, solving the internet issues in rural areas, and a GOP versioned aid to be provided for Medicals. He also promised to reopen normal proceedings in a phased manner after everything was in lockdown for Covid-19.

Kemp will have his task cut out as he ensured that confidence will be restored by the Republics in the upcoming elections.

Brian Kemp expressed his respect towards the voters and said to campaign for himself. Though Kemp seems confident, a sea of tasks & criticism lies ahead. It remains to be seen how well he copes with all these and emerges triumphantly.