Ava Phillippe Slams Hate Commenters

Ava Phillippe
Ava Phillippe

Ava Phillippe is a well-known name in the US entertainment industry. She is the daughter of American actors Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon. Phillippe has recently stated her point of view against hateful commenters. 

Ava said that she had no intentions of taking into account what the trolls said. She expressed her disdainful attitude towards the people who posted hate comments on her social media handles. 

Phillippe put up a story on Instagram that sent a stern message for the trolls. The star captioned her story by reminding everyone that she would block anyone trying to defame her. 

She further elaborated that she did not encourage any kind of hate speech in her life. Ava made it very clear that no such shameful comments shall be tolerated. 

The star stated that she believed in the power of love. Phillippe also said that she was a peace-loving person. 

Ava Phillippe also put up a QnA story on her Instagram. One of the fans asked her whether she is inclined towards girls or boys. Ava replied that she was much more inclined towards people. 

Gender did not matter much to the star. Let us learn more about Ava Phillippe in detail below. 

Ava Phillippe Is In Love 

Apart from being a strong and independent woman, Ava Phillippe also has a softer side. She has recently made her romantic relationship public. 

She has revealed Owen Mahoney as her partner. The couple has been dating for the last two years. However, Ava made her relationship public in the month of June the previous year. 

Reese Witherspoon has already approved their relationship. She uploaded a picture of Ava Phillippe with her boyfriend on Instagram recently. 

Mahoney was also spotted hanging out with Ava’s family on a vacation. The picture was posted last year by Deacon, who is the brother of Ava.