Russell Westbrook Has Been Going Through A Rough Patch

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

After a loss against the Sacramento Kings, the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers had to talk about how Russell Westbrook was in a slump. Safe to say, Frank Vogel is right- Westbrook missed out on 12 of the 14 shots that he attempted to score. Westbrook himself offered a far harsher personal assessment of his skills at this point. And the bigger problem is- the misses haven’t just come against the Kings, even though this lackluster performance does raise a lot of eyebrows. The team from LA lost to a team from Sacramento twice after coming back from a five-game losing streak. 

Russell Westbrook Is In A Slump

Russell Westbrook is in the worst form of his life, and has been completely shut down for the last four games straight- and things are getting progressively worse. All of this began the last Tuesday with a  7 for 19 showing, which was followed by a 4 for 14, then a 2 for 12, and finally a 2 for 14 clunker on Wednesday. Westbrook mentioned that he wouldn’t necessarily consider himself to be in a slump- as he was pretty much single-mindedly focusing on how to figure out the best way to play his natural game at the current point in time. 

The slump was preceded by a win over the Minnesota Timberwolves in which Russell Westbrook went on to commit nine different turnovers while flat out scoring 20 points. While his shot has been off the mark, his protection of the ball has improved further. He has had just four turnovers in the last four games- which is quite a player of his caliber. 

LeBron James, who went on to score 34 points, has been constantly supporting Russell Westbrook. He has asked for the management to keep working with him, as while he has not been able to put his name on the scoresheet- he has been making some pretty impressive plays.