AWS Outage Crisis Resolved; Services Restored

AWS Outage
AWS Outage

The AWS outage has been solved and green lights are strobing again for Amazon Web Services- which is the foundation of several apps and websites. This was indicated by the company itself after the outage affected several parts of the country. A webpage status now decrees the situation as RESOLVED, and is tinted green- which indicates an extremely normal flow of activity.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that AWS powers a large section of the internet, which includes streaming services like Disney+ and Netflix. Billboard has also reported that the ticketing for Adele’s Las Vegas residency had been disrupted due to the glitch. 

AWS Outage Has Been Resolved

With the business day ending on the West Coast, the AWS Outage showed significant progress in getting resolved, but there were some issues that were still remaining. In a subsequent update at 7:35 pm, AWS stated that most of the serious glitches had been repaired, but now they were working towards fixing any of the impaired services.

In a series of updates, the parent company stated that it was working on fixing any of the underlying issues which led to the outage- which caused many websites and streaming platforms to go dark. 

Amazon Web Services recently posted another update on the AWS Outage, but it wasn’t what many customers wanted to hear. The company reported that it had been experiencing several API error rates for multiple AWS Services in the US-EAST-1 Region.

The major cause of this issue would be the impairment of several network devices. Nevertheless, the company is going to work toward fixing and actively working on quite a number of different resolution actions.

When Amazon Web Services were contacted by Deadline, a rep started referring the questions of an AWS outage to a status page, which listed several increased error rates in numerous parts of AWS.