James Comer Raises Questions On President’s Transparency

James Comer

After all the hardship the Republicans have been through, they are adamant now to prove president Joe Biden, guilty of anything, or make the democratic party look at fault. House Oversight Committee chairman and republican party member Jame Comer, raised questions on his judgment and position. Rather asked openly to provide information regarding the situation that has taken place in the White House with documents.

Legitimate Concerns Of James Comer Regarding Classified Documents 

James Comer wrote a letter to Ron Klain, the white house chief of staff, asking him to shine a light on the situation and provide him with more detailed information. As per the report president’s homes and other locations have been combed and what the search party has found is the main concern of James Comer. Many believe Comer is looking for loopholes to find. The whole nation finds it very shocking as both former and current presidents are attached to the ‘document issue’.

And James Comer has knowledge of the situation and he further asked how could hold a specific paper for the last six years, and who else has accessed it. Some classified materials were found at Biden’s Delaware home. It was found on the very same day as special counsel was appointed to investigate the situation.

Nation’s faith is being tested, everyone can see the situation Trump got himself into. The primary concern of James Comer is if someone already messed with the papers or mishandled them.No one has no idea over what kind of document former president Donald Trump hold, and why his place Mar-a-Lago was scrutinized. The trust of the republican party is at stake for the president. James Comer quotes Biden’s election speech about how the republicans are a threat to democracy, and now Comer questions back who is the real threat to democracy now.