Barack Obama Came To The White House Just Like Good Old Days

Barrack Obama

Barack Obama, the former President of America came to the White House this Tuesday after a long time since he greeted Donald Trump, the then newly elected President. It was the day of Trump’s inauguration and Barack Obama came to have morning tea with him. The meeting went quite awkwardly after Trump gave a gift of Tiffany’s box to Obama.

Barack Obama Visited The White House Before Midterm Elections 

This time the return of Barack Obama was not at all ugly, rather, he returned to celebrate his achievement i.e. the Affordable Care Act. He went to the White House with the person who worked with him for more than eight years and has built the legislation together. 

In the words of Joe Biden, he feels like they are in the golden old past as his boss came back to the East Room and it felt like a reunion of all his friends. The majority of his allies were present at the White House that day, as they work under President Joe Biden in his current tenure. 

Barack Obama stated that he felt very nice to come back to the White House and joked that though he expected a lot of changes around still he only saw some minor ones. The agents of the Secret Service now wear aviator sunglasses and the Mess of the Navy have now been replaced by Baskin-Robbins. He also joked that he even saw a cat running which could not be found before. 

In his speech, he at first addressed Biden as Vice-President and quickly corrected himself and said that he was joking and called him ‘My President’ and hugged him. Both of them, later on, discussed ways in which they will make health care cheap for the poor citizens and also a way to stop millions of people from being subsidies.

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