Milwaukee Picks Cavalier Johnson As First African-American Mayor

cavalier johnson
cavalier johnson

Cavalier Johnson became the 1st Black American elected as the Milwaukee mayor this Tuesday. He overwhelmed a former alderman to finish the remaining 2 years of Tom Barrett’s term.

Cavalier Johnson had been serving as the acting mayor even since Tom Barrett resigned from his job to become the Luxembourg ambassador. He was the overwhelming favorite after he won a 7-point primary by a whopping 20 points.

The unofficial returns have been tallied and Democrat Cavalier Johnson, who is an overwhelming favorite in a predominantly Democratic territory garnered 68% of the votes compared to 32% by Conservative politician Bob Donovan.

Cavalier Johnson Announced That He Was Going To Run In August Last Year

Cavalier reminded his supporters and staff that a lot more has to be done. He said that putting a stop to violence, more jobs, and a restored neighborhood was among his top proprieties. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and spoke of his struggles.

Tom Barrett has been the mayor of Milwaukee since 2004. Cavalier Johnson was initially elected in 2006 to the Common Council and turned president in April 2020. Johnson was on the city council between 2000 and 2020, after which he didn’t contest the elections.

He challenged Tom Barrett in 2016 for the post of mayor. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin donated $100,000 to the campaign of Cavalier Johnson.

Cavalier Johnson watched the election outcome unfold before his eyes from the Hilton in Milwaukee. He made a brief appearance at around 8 p.m. even as the polls closed and shook hands, and took pictures along with his supporters, who stood by him throughout the long and bitter campaign. He later addressed them during the victory speech.

Earlier Johnson had voted and spent the day writing notes to thank his supporters and had lunch at the Sherman Phoenix.