Bethany Joy Lenz Hasn’t Recovered From The Experience She Gained For A Decade

bethany joy lenz

In a recent podcast, Bethany Joy Lenz appeared at the Drama Queen Podcast. Where she shared she was in a cult for ten long years. And that almost destroyed her life and morals. She would love to elaborate on her experience in a book. It’s not only her, but other celebrities were part of the cult all their life. Among them is the Duggar Family. It’s been difficult for you to come out of it and acknowledge she has been damaged emotionally. It took years to recover from that damage. Now she suffers from ADHD.

There Could Be Volume Of Cult Experience, Bethany Joy Lenz Had

She didn’t name the organization she was part of. However, she previously mentioned Mosaic Church back in 2021. Which she was a part of on and off. Bethany Joy Lenz can write books on her experience in the cult. She would love to shed some light on the facts and myths. Yet, Bethany Joy Lenz is keeping everything low and subtle. There are people in there who could destroy her life. And there a huge possibility of them bring legal matters into this.

She could tell a lot, yet she wasn’t allowed to. Bethany Joy Lenz, now suffering from ADHD, feels all those experiences shaped her mindset now. She later felt harassment in her career, triggering her past traumas. There was a point where she approached the directors to rewrite the show. Yet she was aware it would be impossible. Bethany Joy Lenz wrote down everything she could write about many things if she started to write a book on her experience.

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