Betty White To Feed Two Ducks Visiting Her “Everyday” On Her 99th Birthday

Betty White
Betty White

Betty White,98, has all her ducks gathered together for her 99th birthday. The television icon who is loved all around the world will turn 99 on 17th January. Her birthday plans include spending time with her two feathered special friends. When asked what her birthday plans are, Betty replied that she is working on re-releasing her Pet Set and spending time while feeding her two ducks, the same ones who visit her every day.

Fans Of Betty White Are Excited Of Watching Pet Set On Digital Platforms

Her Pet Set which she created along with hosting in 1971, was this weekly show which is looking for debuting on DVD and digital platforms on 23rd February fo celebrating the show’s 59th anniversary, according to the press release of December by the Media Group MPI. The main spotlight of the program was the lifelong devotion of Betty White towards animals. Also, it features people who adore and love animals. Betty White invited many famous and fellow friends of hers with their horses, birds, cats, and dogs on her program.

According to the show’s release, the show also used to feature appearances from many wild animals including eagles, elephants, bears, and more. The famous syndicated show also featured icons including Rod Sterling, Doris Day, Mary More, Carol Burnett, and others. Allen Ludden, Betty’s late husband, was the executive producer of this series containing half-hour episodes. The star, Betty White, always professed her immense love for creatures and animals of all sizes and shapes.

In an interview with the Sunday Morning show of CBS in 2012, Betty admitted that she loves animals more than human beings while joking that she doesn’t admit that too often but that is the truth. Betty said that her love affair with animals began when she was inside her mother’s womb because her dad and mother were exactly like her.


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