Lee Zeldin, GOP Rep., Intends To Run For NY Governor 2022

Lee Zeldin
Lee Zeldin

Lee Zeldin, the Republican, made an announcement on 8th April, Thursday regarding his plan in running for New York’s Governor in the year 2022. With this announcement, he has emerged as the 1st prominent Republican party member who has declared a challenge to fight against Andrew Cuomo, NY Gov., for his position.

Lee Zeldin is 41 years of age and has represented the eastern part of Long Island since 2015. His decision to fight for the Governor’s position in New York was posted on Twitter. He also added the hashtag #CuomoMustGo.

NY Governor Sees Lee Zeldin As Strong Candidate

Despite New York being a significantly blue state, the Republicans are now witnessing an opening for the 2022 election. This is mainly owing to the reason that Cuomo has been a part of some major scandals which has made him a wounded candidate. Several of the scandals have led to a serious decline in his favourability among the citizens of New York.

In a recent interview, Lee Zeldin informed that Cuomo has failed to place proper tax policies and public safety that resulted in attacks on the freedom of the New Yorkers. As a result, the governor has severely weakened due to the numerous scandals, ongoing investigations, and cover-ups. This is adversely affecting the common people who must take necessary steps.

Zeldin further posted on his Twitter account that the ray of hope in America is gradually fading. Additionally, Cuomo is taking New York down with him at an exponentially fast pace.

Cuomo has dismissed the resignation petition and has not yet said anything about his 4th governor term. On the other hand, Zeldin is a vocal supporter of Trump and even defended him at the time of his 2nd impeachment.