Biden Tax Returns Reveal They Made Over $500,000

Jill Biden Biden Tax Return

Biden Tax Return was revealed recently. According to their combined tax return revealed on Tuesday, US President Joe Biden & First Lady Jill Biden contributed $137,658 in federal income taxes in 2022 after claiming an income of $579,514. Their federal income tax effective rate is 23.8 percent.

With the publication, Biden released to the public 25 years of Biden Tax Return filings, the most of any previous president while in office, according to the White House. Joe Biden’s $400,000 pay as president provided the majority of the Bidens’ income. Jill Biden made $82,355 from Northern Virginia Community College teaching.

Biden Tax Returns Released

Aside from their Biden Tax Return wages, the pair claimed $35,240 in pensions and annuities, as well as $5,092 from CelticCapri Corp. and Giacoppa Corp., both of which were established by the Bidens at the conclusion of the Obama-Biden administration for speaking and writing engagements.

According to the White House, CelticCapri has been inactive since 2020 and is only interested in receiving possible royalties. The Bidens made a $20,180 donation to charities and churches. 

A significant portion of this was donated to the Beau Biden Foundation, which received $5,000. The first pair also donated $2,000 to the Fraternal Order of Police Foundation and $1,680 to St Joseph on the Brandywine, a Catholic church in Delaware that they routinely attend. They paid $29,023 in Delaware state income tax, while Jill Biden paid $3,139 in Virginia state income tax.

During former President Donald Trump’s four terms in the White House, the custom of disclosing the president’s tax returns was broken. The data on the Bidens’ 2022 tax returns nearly match those on their 2021 tax return. They made $610,702 in 2021 and paid $150,439 in federal income taxes.