Bingo: A diverse game for any emotion


Whether it’s the most important party of the year at school, a big night out with friends or the holiday of a lifetime, nobody wants to feel as though they have missed out on some fun. That fear is particularly acute in the age of social media when any event could turn into one of ‘those’ times that everyone will be talking about forever.  

Fear of missing out, also known as FOMO, has been acknowledged and even embraced in recent years. What was once a secret insecurity has become something that people now feel comfortable about sharing, with many people taking to social media to explain how anxious they get when they feel as though their friends are having fun without them. But what is the opposite of FOMO and how can people combat their discomfort? 


It has only been recently that we have had so much insight into the lives of our social circles when we are not with them. Now that people can post pictures and updates while they are out, it contributes to the sense that anyone who is not there is going to be out of the loop, possibly forever.   

However, as with so many things, there is an equal and opposite feeling that people are only recently starting to embrace. For some, even the idea of going out induces anxiety, and plenty of people are pleased to have a good excuse to avoid socialising and spending time in public.  

Even the most enthusiastic social butterflies have to admit that there are some things that are not great about going out: queues, crowds, listening to other people’s conversations and music on public transport, to name just a few. These have always been accepted as reasons to avoid certain activities, but for those who do not really want to leave the house at all, there is still pressure to ‘join in’ and participate in a minimum level of social interaction. 

Being forced to live without social engagements, events and plans has given lots of people insight into their feelings about going out that they may never have otherwise discovered. Many people are turning to online gaming such as bingo to provide entertainment and a safe way to socialise with friends.  

Even the most committed party animals have found joy in staying in, adopting new hobbies, and rediscovering some of the pastimes that do not require a physical presence to be fun. Playing games such as bingo online with friends enables people to maintain their relationships without having to be physically together. 

Many people now enjoy staying at home rather than socialising on a night out. 

How to overcome FOMO and JOMO 

Most of us have felt FOMO and JOMO at different points in our lives, even if we did not have the terminology to describe them. From an early age, children know that a party invitation is a sought-after treat and that missing out on a game could leave you feeling left out and isolated.  

However, most of us have also experienced the relief of a last-minute cancellation that leaves you free to slip into pyjamas and grab the remote for a night of uninterrupted ‘you-time’. For many people, feelings of FOMO and JOMO depend on how their day has been, their energy levels and even the weather.  

Most of us need to find an equilibrium between maintaining a healthy social life and carving out time to relax and be unfettered by the expectations of others. Playing bingo online is a great way to have the best of both worlds: time to hang out with friends and enjoy the feeling of being part of a community, but without the need to dress up or struggle with traffic.  

Online bingo can also be enjoyed on your own if you fancy a quiet night in without having to put on your game face for the world. You have the chance to win big in the privacy of your own living room without giving a second thought to what anyone else is doing making it the perfect activity for anyone embracing JOMO.  

Bingo: A diverse game for any emotion 2

Online bingo is a game to play for any emotion, whether you want to play independently or socialise with others in the chat rooms. 


Whether you have been desperate to get back to having a packed calendar of social event, or have enjoyed having time to yourself, online bingo is the ideal game as you can engage and interact as much as you want. You can play with friends and family, recreating the fun of a traditional bingo hall, or play by yourself whenever you feel the urge to try your luck.  

Online bingo also provides a source of social interaction for those who are unable to go out, for whatever reason. Gone are the days when you had to be physically in a certain place in order to join in with a conversation – now you can build a network of friends and fellow players to meet online, join existing communities and even start your own, the first step is finding a new site to play at.

There are plenty of reasons that people can find it hard to go out: 

  • Unusual shift patterns 
  • Caring responsibilities 
  • Lack of transport 
  • Physical distance from friends and family 
  • Illness or injury 

None of these are barriers to playing bingo online, however, as you have access to a community that spans time zones and there is always someone who is ready to play. Whatever your reasons for having FOMO or JOMO, the flexibility of playing online means that you can join in or miss out as much as you want.