Blackhawks Trade Veteran Goalie Marc Andre Fleury With Minnesota Wild

marc andre fleury
marc andre fleury

Chicago Blackhawks has traded Marc Andre Fleury to Minnesota Wild. The veteran goaltender has been traded in place of a conditional 2nd-round pick, which has a chance of becoming a first-rounder. The move could mark the biggest trade piece cash in for the Blackhawks before this year’s deadline.

NBC Sports’ Charlie Roumeliotis said that this draft pick was for 2022. He cleared up all terms of the deal. It appears that Chicago will be holding 50% of Marc Andre Fleury’s salary of $7M.

Marc Andre Fleury joined Chicago last summer following a trade-in with the Knights for Hakkarainen. That move freed up space on the salary cap for the Vegas team. Marc had a sedate start to his season that mirrored the abysmal initial months of the 21-22 season for the Blackhawks.

But Marc Andre Fleury was the reason that the Blackhawks were even competitive, ending his stint of 45 games with Chicago at a record of 19-21-5. He had a save percentage of 908 and averaged 2.95 goals.

Marc Andre Fleury Had Been Part Of The Deal With Blackhawks Throughout

There has been speculation this whole period that Chicago Blackhawks did not move Fleury against his wishes. Reports from the team indicate that Marc Andre Fleury was in the know of and supportive of the prospect of the deal, unlike the off-season trade earlier from Vegas to the Blackhawks.

Sources indicate that the deal was discussed with Marc Andre Fleury a few days ago, and he agreed to waive the deal if it could be worked out because he surmised that Wild was a contender.

Kyle Davidson, the general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks stated that Fleury had made a strong impression on the team, on its fans, and in the lockers during his brief stint with the team. He appreciated his readiness to work together to find a way out that was beneficial for everyone. Marc Andre Fleury moves on to chase his dream of a 4th Stanley Cup.