Has Been Planning The IPO For 2022

Blockchain, a block explorer as well as a crypto exchange, has initiated talks with several US banks to hold an IPO as soon as 2022. This was reported by Bloomberg on Tuesday, where sources close to the topic stated that the talks were simply preliminary conversations- one that would help the plans of the tech startup, which was susceptible to change at any point in time.

If the company did go public through an IPO- it would be the second crypto exchange in the country to do that. Coinbase, as it is widely known, was the first crypto company to go public in 2021. Looking To Go Public

Currently, the valuation of stands at $14 billion- which does follow funding round with several global venture capital firms. The company is also a cryptocurrency financial services company that started as the first block explorer of Bitcoin in 2011 and then was transformed into a popular application for the crypto wallet. One can assume that the competition to be the second public exchange of crypto from now on in the country. Binance US has also brought out plans to go public as soon as it could prove its independence from Changpeng Zhao. 

For the uninformed, regulatory complications have been the biggest issue that has kept most of the crypto exchange juggernauts like from going public in the country. Brian Shroder, the CEO of Binance US, has also argued that the firm already has quite a strong business and will also be working with most of the local regulators in order to make the list without any complications.