BOOTI-FULL Kesha treats herself to butt masks to ‘fight off anxiety and depression’ in quarantine with boyfriend Brad Ashenfelter

Brad Ashenfelter
Brad Ashenfelter

Kesha, 33 revealed with us her home activity during the quarantine which she described “Sunshine for your behind” she claims that she helped her mental health struggles during the quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic.

 The singer does the butt masks while her boyfriend gives her a helping hand

The singer spoke out in a letter on Refinery29 about the surprising activity she’s doing when she’s spending her time alone in the home due to the coronavirus pandemic after she was obligated to cancel her 2020 tour.

“Learning how to spend time with myself has been both anxiety-inducing and really positive.

“I go through waves of intense anxiety and then there are moments where I just take a bubble bath and do a face mask and try to relax and accept,” she said on the website.

Kesha then said that she makes this booty secret with her boyfriend who has been with her for 6 years.