Woman Upset At McDonald’s Closed Dining Area Shoots At Employees, Injuring Four

Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City

Two workers of a McDonald’s branch in southwest Oklahoma City were shot and two were harmed Wednesday evening, as indicated by police.

Police stated that a woman who became upset when she took in the dining area was shut for coronavirus safety measures. Police say the lady would not leave and a physical fight resulted.

Police say the woman left the restaurant and returned with a gun. She then fired three rounds inside the restaurant, hitting one employee in the arm. Two other employees were hit with shrapnel.

Police at the scene additionally said a female worker was ambushed by the suspect and wounds from hitting her head on dining area furniture.

Four workers were harmed, 3 were taken to the hospital however are expected to be alright.  Officials got the suspect a couple of blocks from the McDonald’s.

She is being taken to prison.

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