Boris Epshteyn Owns Up To His Role In Trump’s 2020 Electoral Campaign

Boris Epshteyn

Boris Epshteyn, the strategic advisor for former President Trump’s 2020 electoral campaign, was interrogated Friday regarding his part in measures to legitimize plausible pro-Trump voters from the US states that President Biden won.

Boris Epshteyn Stated That His Actions Were Legal

Boris Epshteyn agreed that he had a role in the process of making sure that alternate voters were present. They had hoped the obstacles faced by the seated voters would be understood and make the campaign successful. Boris Epshteyn elaborated and added details to the statement he made the day before to the Washington Post.

Rudy Giuliani, former Trump lawyer, he noted, directed the effort. It reportedly involved assisting Trump supporters to access the US Capitol buildings, crafting language for fake electoral credentials to transmit to the US government, and seeking substitutes for voters who did not want to participate in the scheme to degrade the intention of US citizens.

During the discussion with Melber, Boris Epshteyn reiterated fraudulent assertions about election scams. He mentioned the presidential election held in Hawaii in 1960  as the ancestor for replacement voters even though the circumstances were very different. Boris Epshteyn also claimed that whatever he supposedly did was not illegal.

Fake election certifications were given to the US Archives and Congress by Republicans proclaiming to be Trump supporters in nearly five states, including Michigan. In the previous week, the State attorney general passed over the case to national prosecutors

On Tuesday Epshteyn was one among the many “Big Lie” supporters subpoenaed on January 6 by the White House committee. He also played the role of the command center. 


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