Keanu Reeves Gives Stunt Crew Tees That Stated How Many Times They Perished

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Keanu Reeves sincerely wished that the stuntmen in “John Wick: Chapter 4” would never forget how many occasions on which they lost their lives while filming the famous action film. As a memento, Keanu Reeves even gave the film’s stunt team shirts that bore the number of the various fatalities each person experienced on the set. The production had used approximately 35 stunt performers, many of whom had to go through repetitive deaths in a scene, for the instantly iconic staircase duel in which Keanu Reeves’ character John Wick, combats evil ones as he events up the 223 steps. 

It has previously been said that it took about seven-night sessions to complete the stair fight video. The average stunt performer was “killed” four to five times throughout the course of the film and this very issue compelled Keanu Reeves to get every stuntman a T-Shirt with the number of exact times each one of them had to die in a scene. 

Keanu Reeves apparently did each stunt that had John Wick climbing the stairs, according to Stahelski. Stunt duplicate Vincent Bouillon proved useful for the 43-second tumble downstairs.

Keanu Reeves Gets Personalized Gifts For Stuntmen

Reeves gave his stunt squad for the fourth John Wick movie more than just T-shirts. A famous magazine stated in the previous year that the star gave four of his stunt-men individual Rolex watches to celebrate the completion of filming as a token of appreciation for their dedication to the next action tentpole. In the movie, Keanu Reeves’ stunt performers included Li Qiang, Bruce Concepcion, Jeremy Marinas, and Dave Camarillo.

According to a famous magazine, the actor personally etched unique messages to each person on the inside of the watches. The watch, which read “The John Wick Five” and with the statement, “The Best Wrap Gift Ever,” was revealed by Marinas when he posted a glance at them via Instagram.