BORIS SLAMS BRAKES: Boris Johnson warns Brits against ‘lockdown impatience’ as we’re at ‘maximum risk’

The UK prime minister declared he will not be risking a second wave of the pandemic by lifting the coronavirus restrictions prematurely. 

Boris Johnson made his public appearance weeks after he posted a video online admitting his COVID-19 infection. The prime minister claimed his recovery and warned the public to follow precautionary measures. 

Outside Gate No. 10, Downing Street, Johnson spoke with the crowd. He said that the country was at a point where it can “wrestle” the pandemic and come out victorious. 

Boris Johnson Shows No Sign of Easing Coronavirus Restrictions

It has been quite some time since the Tory MPs and their donors started demanding ease in restrictions. They claim that the coronavirus restrictions were taking a heavy toll on their economy. Nevertheless, Boris Johnson showed no sign of easing coronavirus restrictions anytime soon. 

Johnson emphasized that a second wave of the virus would mean more economic damage and “a new wave of deaths”. He added that continuing the restrictions till there’s a change in the scenario would be nothing compared to the toll it would take if the virus resurfaces. 

In his first address to the nation after his recovery, Johnson thanked the brits for their “grit” in obeying the lockdown. He also reassured the nation and claimed that he was back for good. 

He further revealed that the lockdown was to last till May 7, after which, the administration would roll out guidelines for the next phase of restrictions. 

Johnson claimed the COVID-19 pandemic to be the biggest challenge to Britain since World War II. 

He further showed his appreciation and praised the United Kingdom National Health Service for their tireless service to the nation. He also mentioned Captain Tom Moore and thanked him for raising funds to fight against the global pandemic.