Barcelona Criticized By Xavi


Barcelona has been falling behind lately. They have been unable to replicate their successes of the past. Barca had always been one of the biggest names in football. They have had some of the best seasons in the past. The team has won almost every trophy in the footballing world. 

However, the recent form has been a reason to worry about. The team was largely dependent on Lionel Messi. Messi single-handedly led the team out of danger. After the departure of Messi to PSG, the team has struggled to cope up. The management did put in a lot of effort. New players were recruited to make the team strong. 

The likes of Memphis Depay and Sergio Aguero were roped in. Unfortunately, Aguero was unable to continue with the team. He felt chest discomfort while playing a match. On further inspection, it was found to be serious heart disease. Aguero was forced to retire untimely. 

All these problems created a significant problem for Barcelona. It hindered their season to a large extent. Xavi has already expressed his disappointment with the squad. He has come up with the example of Sevilla for his team. Let us learn what Xavi has to say below. 

Barcelona Coach Praises Seville 

Xavi has been recently appointed as the coach of Barcelona. He heaped praises on Seville recently. He exemplified them and set them as role models. Xavi stated that Seville was the perfect example of how a team should function.  This season has been a dream for Seville. 

Seville is sitting pretty at the second position currently. They have played brilliantly and are ten points clear of Barcelona. Barcelona is currently placed seventh on the La Liga table. The team hopes to turn the tides as soon as possible.