Bridget Everett’s ‘Hilarious Journey

bridget everett

Bridget Everett confessed comedy was not her best suit. It was all Amy Schumer who brought her out of the cocoon. If it wasn’t for her she would never have been a comedian. She pushed her to get out of her comfort zone. It was not an easy journey whatsoever.

It was all a little ‘odd’ for her at the beginning. Her journey does highlight how introverted friend needs an extroverted friend in their lives. Amy Schumer brought her out and protected her by all means.

An Umbrella Bridget Everett Needed

Amy Schumer provided her that space to make something out of herself. Bridget Everett was an introverted friend who was afraid to go out in the world.

Comedy was never her forte, in her own words she was more of a ‘cabaret singer’. Thanks to Amy Schumer who was familiar with Bridget Everett’s field.

One fine day she literally took her out for a drink. Where they started talking to people. It was ‘that’ moment for her when she realized talking to people isn’t bad at all. It is a rather easy task.

She did everything that Amy Schumer asked her to do. Like a little girl, she followed the rules. She was aware Amy has taken the lead and she isn’t going to let her go alone. She will be there like a big sister.

After a while, she met her own people in the Big Apple. They were all disorganized and wild people, yet they were happy. They were having the best time of their lives. They aren’t perfect and they didn’t care if anyone was judging them.

It fitted Bridget Everett. She decided to do whatever they do.

Since then she has worked with A-listed artists. She appeared on Sex and The City. She was the drunk girl who was interviewed to be Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant.

One rollercoaster ride but she enjoyed every moment.