Britney Spears Finally Gets Respite

Britney Spears
Britney Spears

Britney Spears finally seems to have got a respite from her father. The pop star shares an estranged relationship with her father. She had earlier filed a suit against her father. Spears asked her father to decline from Conservatorship. She accused her father to have wrongly influenced her life. Britney shared her horrible experience with her father. Finally, all those things seem to be coming to an end. As her father has reportedly agreed to scrap off from the conservatorship. 

Britney Spears Overjoyed With Decision Of Her Father

Spears seemed to be on the seventh heaven. It seems that she finally will be able to live freely and independently. Earlier she had filed a lawsuit against her father. She asked her father to stop controlling her life. Spears complained that her father made her life toxic.

A series of allegations were brought against her father. She accused him of using her as a money-making tool. Britney was made to work inhuman hours by her father. Finally, her father agreed to withdraw from the conservatorship. This was a great win for the pop star. She was under the conservatorship for thirteen years. 

Mathew Rosengart was the new lawyer appointed by Britney Spears herself. He stated that the decision of Mr.Spears was a massive achievement. Britney’s father decided to remove himself from the conservatorship. He approached the court and conveyed his decision. He stated that he had some formalities to take care of. After the completion of the same, he promised not to bother Spears. 

Britney Spears was very happy with the decision. She welcomed the decision coining it as “justice”. The lawyers of Spears also promised to carry on an investigation against Mr.Spears. They wanted to look into the amount of money that Spear’s father has acquired. He has been accused to have acquired the money by pressurizing the singer.