Machine Gun Kelly Tricked Being Bald

Machine Gun Kelly
Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly seems to be having a fun time with his fans. He has tricked his fans into believing that he has shaved off his head. Kelly was spotted bald a few days ago. This was when his fans started speculations. A lot of people speculated the possible reasons for him shaving his head. Many thought it was just one of the publicity stunts. But as it appears, he had not shaved his head in reality. He also sported a tattoo on his skull during his new look. 

Machine Gun Kelly Back To His Usual Look

A picture of the star went viral recently. That was enough to send shockwaves among his fans and followers. The picture depicted Kelly completely clean-shaven. He also sported a tattoo on his skull that gave him an alien-like look. However, it seems that the star did pull out some kind of a trick on his fans. Kelly appeared with his normal hair once again, surprising his fans. 

Kelly revealed the real secret behind his bald look. As per reports, the tattoo and the ball look were all part of his makeup. His upcoming music album required him to appear like that. The music is named “Papercuts”. It has been reported that Kelly had a long time preparing for his bald look. He hired five makeup artists that made sure his look was up to the mark. He also applied a bald cap to provide the illusion of being bald. 

The music video has been released Wednesday. The video portrays the different style quotients of Machine Gun Kelly. From his usual look, the ” The Last Airbender” look, everything has been shown. The video also shows the star donning a wig which was black along with black dark lipstick. 

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