Britney Spears Warns Family Of Hard Consequences Should She Even Open Up

britney spears
britney spears

A couple of weeks after Britney Spears won a big victory when a judge ruled that her father’s control over her life was ‘toxic,’ she is back in the news, this time threatening to reveal dark secrets in the family.

In a post on Instagram, Britney Spears again went after her family. The 39-year-old pop superstar spoke of a trove of lengthy stories of relatives who stood by while she endured being under conservatorship for 13 torturous years.

Though she said that revealing dark secrets in her family wasn’t her priority, she warned that her family would have a torrid time if she ever decided to reveal their secrets.

Britney Spears began her career at the age of 11, in 1993. She said that she would keep away from the darkness in her family. She had previously spoken up against her immediate family for their complicity in maintaining the legal stranglehold her father, Jamie had over her since 2008.

She says that other members of her family supported her being in conservatorship and aided in making a mess of her life. Britney Spears and Mathew Rosengart fought a hard and long battle before 69-year-old Jamie was finally ousted from control on September 29. Another hearing is scheduled on November 12 for a total termination of the conservatorship.

Britney Spears Continues To Express Her Anger Over What She Had To Endure

Britney Spears had expressed her anger and frustration during a court hearing in June, expressing frustration that members of her family had done nothing to support her. She said that Jamie forced her into a mental facility, compelled her to take lithium. She alleged that Jamie even forced her to go for IUD contraceptives.

Even Lynne Spears supported Britney Spears only once #FreeBritney gained momentum after 2019.

The fan-led effort to come out with the truth about Britney Spears’ condition started with a modest protest in April 2019. Britney’s admission to a mental health facility was the trigger, with fans alleging that she was being held against her will.

Britney’s brother Bryan had supported the conservatorship in an interview in July 2020. But Jamie Lynn, her younger sister, has stressed that she had supported freeing Britney if that is what she wanted.

The social media messages posted by Britney Spears also included messages that spoke about regaining control over her financial, medical, and personal affairs.

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