Lourdes Leon Talks About Her Mother Madonna

lourdes leon
lourdes leon

Lourdes Leon is finally opening up about living her life with Madonna, her mother- with fans speculating for decades about how it would be. The 25-year-old came clean about the relationship she shared with her mom in a feature for Interview magazine, where she also spoke about a few life lessons she learned from her superstar singer mother. One of them being- she had to start working hard from an early age to attain what she wanted- just like Madonna did. 

Lourdes Leon Talks About Life With Madonna

Lourdes Leon stated that her family didn’t provide any handouts to their kids. While she had grown up amidst opulent luxury, her mom did see to it that she didn’t grow up like the kids of other celebrities. In fact, she had to explain it after Debi Mazar, the interviewer, stated that she had read Leon had to pay for her own apartment and college tuition. The model then spoke about how it had taught her to be financially independent- since it definitely brought with it several perks.

Lourdes Leon believes that earning for herself from a young age makes things easier for individuals. Also, if one’s parents paid for their things, it would definitely give them certain leverage over their child. She claimed that Madonna was a complete control freak, and had controlled every aspect of her daughter’s life- precisely why Leon had to be independent by the time she graduated from high school. The mother-daughter duo, nevertheless, has a very close bond, and Leon has admitted that she is quite protective of her superstar mother. 

Mazar spoke about a few instances when Lourdes Leon’s protective side had come up with relation to her mother. Anytime someone commented something degrading about Madonna, Leon responded by degrading their mother. Leon clarified that if someone had the right to degrade her mother without knowing her, she too had the right to do the same. She claims that her mother taught her to be real- while showing her how to leave a legacy for the world.