Build Back Better Plan Might Miss Out On Deadline

Build Back Better Joe Biden
Build Back Better

The President of the United States finally acknowledged in a lengthy statement that the Build Back Better plan might miss out on its deadline. This news was the result of ongoing negotiations with Senator Joe Manchin and multiple procedural steps which would lead to Democrats missing the deadline set for Christmas for the passage of the $1.75 trillion economic and climate package- which noted that the Democrats that have been working together would definitely get the proposal onboard- even if they were a little late in doing so. 

Build Back Better plan Could Face Some Setbacks

In the statement, Biden stated that his team was having their discussions with Senator Manchin, and the work to bring the Build Back Better plan would continue the next week. As it took time to finalize the agreements, and then prepare for the legislative changes, there were set procedural steps that needed to be maintained to force a Senate vote.

And this was something that the team was advancing- considering the work that they were planning over the days and weeks ahead- Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden were quite determined to see the bill hit the floor running. 

Biden was quick to mention that despite the delay, it was quite inevitable that the Build back better bill would pass- for Joe Manchin was finally indicating in their recent discussions that he would be compliant to the more general outlines of the proposal. Biden stated that Senator Manchin had reiterated his support for the funding of the plan at the level of the framework that was announced all the way back in September. 

Several Democrats, which include Chuck Schumer, have been trying to pass the sweeping Build Back Better bill by Christmas. But the party has been going through some major obstacles, courtesy of Joe Manchin- whose support for the legislation was key to the passage.