The Midwestern Democrat Voices Like Cheri Bustos Are Concerned About Losing The Front-Runner Status in 2024

Cheri Bustos

Following President Biden’s suggestion to restructure the 2024 schedule, Democratic Representatives Cheri Bustos of IL expressed worries over Iowa’s probable loss of its role as the very first state to cast a ballot in the nomination for president procedure.

The Democratic National Committee’s regulation creating body approved a proposal on Friday that’d make S. Carolina the very first region to have a primaries, following Nevada, New Hampshire, Michigan and Georgia, as additional voting hours states. States will continue to be required to choose their own main dates, as well as the idea needs to be adopted at a complete DNC meeting.

With such a change, Iowa would lose its position as the country’s highest state, which it has maintained since 1972.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” Cheri Bustos, who hails from the Quad Cities region that contains both Iowa as well as Illinois also represents a district which border the Hawkeye State, said that the “poor” element of the idea begins with the effects it would impact Iowa‘s economy.

The Midwestern Democrat Voices Like Cheri Bustos’ Are Worried About Losing Their Front-Runner Status:

After the 2020 Iowa caucus were widely criticized for their instability, Iowa’s position as the 1st state in the country came under fire. Additionally, since Iowa is primarily White and yet no longer regarded as a competitive state, there’s been pressure just on Dem side to remove it from its top spot.

The main dates are decided at the government level. Each state also has a separate method, so implementing the new date just on 2024 as per Cheri Bustos and others, Dem nomination calendar might prove to be a difficult task.

Iowan legislators have also expressed their unhappiness with the measure. Repubs Joni Ernst, the state’s junior senator, said on Sun on Fox News that Dems are basically given midwest America the middle finger.