Conor McGregor Hurls Abusive Lines At Dustin’s Better Half

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirer are all set to clash in an epic showdown at Vegas this Saturday. However, ahead of their bug bout, McGregor started playing mind games on Poirer. He abused Dustin’s wife with foul comments on Twitter.

As the day inches closer and closer, the tension is all over the place as to who will have the last laugh. Conor MacGregor, too, tried playing mind games with his opponent. At a press conference, he exposed to the audience a screenshot of a requested message. Conor claimed that to be from Poirer’s wife and abused him badly.

Conor McGregor Tries To Get Under The Skin Of Poirer Ahead Of Their Big Clash

McGregor termed his challenger’s wife as the ” husband”. In reply, Dustin posted a couple of images mockingly mentioning her wife as “hubby”. This is the moment when things got ugly between the two accomplished fighters. Conor McGregor attacked his opponent brutally with cuss words. He also made statements about Dustin Poirer’s wife which were sexually degrading. He attacked by saying that a one on one fight should settle the superiority. Conor also claimed that the requested message was all real.

Poirer mocked McGregor by referring to his talks as shitty. He also stated that it seemed as if his words lacked the density just like his thinning hairline. Conor McGregor reportedly wants to go inside the ring with the malicious intent of killing his opponent. It now remains to be seen what is the outcome of the high voltage bout between the two fierce competitors. ESPN is said to broadcast this mouthwatering clash. All eyes will now wait for the clock to strike 10 the coming Sunday.