Coronavirus: Field hospitals treating coronavirus patients around world

Coronavirus cases globally have now reached more than 720,000, with at least 34,000 deaths.

To cope with the threats of the health systems that may not be able to have enough capacity for coronavirus cases, many countries are building new hospitals.

The ExCel conference venue in London has been turned into a hospital with 500 beds increasing to 4000.

NHS Nightingale is being built to try to ease demands on the UK health service

The center of the coronavirus pandemic in the US is New York City. and it’s number one in the world for confirmed cases.

Medics will treat Covid-19 patients in Central Park, New York City

Doctors in Italy described the coronavirus outbreak as a war-like condition.

In Crema, Lombardy, the army has set up tents, and 52 doctors flown in from Cuba will help.

A field hospital in Crema, Lombardy where health workers are struggling to cope with the outbreak

Iran has suffered to stem the covid-19 outbreak, it killed more than 2,640 people

The military has sat up a hospital in Tehran that can take 2,000 people.

A Tehran exhibition centre will treat thousands of Iranian patients

Brazil has in excess of 4,250 instances of the infection, with 136 passings. Clubs have offered previous World Cup scenes for use by the wellbeing framework.

The football arena and show scene Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo has been turned in an impermanent emergency clinic with space for 200 beds.

Paul McCartney and the Rolling Stones are among craftsmen who have performed at Sao Paulo’s Pacaembu Stadium

The Rolling Stones are among artists who have performed at Sao Paulo's Pacaembu Stadium

Development of a field emergency clinic in Rafah, Gaza Strip began in mid-March.

The United Nations cautions that neediness and a crippled wellbeing framework in the Palestinian regions would make an episode of the coronavirus sad.

Palestinian coronavirus patients will be treated at this field hospital Rafah, Gaza Strip

Spain has announced taking off losses of life for various days, with an aggregate of 7,340 fatalities from Covid-19.

Madrid is especially hard-hit, where a few patients are being treated by specialists in a display community.

A hospital in the Ifema exhibition centre in Madrid began receiving patients last week
In Florida, US one region carnival will be host to 250 clinic beds, and another site is under development at Fort Lauderdale air terminal.

The Miami-Dade reasonable was dropped in March when mass social events in the US were restricted.

Florida is preparing for a surge in coronavirus cases

The US naval force emergency clinic transport the Comfort is relied upon to dock in New York City on Monday to help with the outbreak there.

The boat, which can hold around 1,000 beds, left from Norfolk maritime base, Virginia on Saturday.

President Donald Trump spoke at the departure of USNS Comfort from Virginia

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