Cory Monteith Allegedly Had To Comfort An Actress After Lea Michele Called Her ‘Ugly’!

If you’re anything like us, you might have questioned something type of terrible and dismaying due to all these allegations versus Lea Michele

How did Cory Monteith handle her being so awful to individuals all the time?!

We mean, not just did they date for a long period of time, however numerous of the stories we have actually heard are from the set of Glee— consisting of Samantha Ware‘s stunning claims which set all this off.

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In case you * in some way * didn’t hear, Ware openly called out the 33- year-old momma-to-be, stating she made her very first TELEVISION gig “a living hell” and informed everybody she would “s**t in my wig.” In the days that followed, almost everybody Lea dealt with concurred this was the Rachel Berry they understood; even Heather Morris concurred her co-star was extremely “unpleasant to work with.”

Surely Cory must have seen a few of this, right?

Well, now we have a story which does include him. And if it’s anything to pass, it might be the late star invested a great deal of time going behind his GF and asking forgiveness.

After Lea published her apology on Instagram Wednesday, an actress called Monica Moskatow reacted with a remark (which Lea has actually obviously considering that erased) informing the story of her one encounter with the unexpectedly questionable star, method back in the early days of Glee:

“September 2009 I was hired to work at the premiere party for Glee at a high school. They hired lookalikes of the shows characters to perform at the party. I was the Rachel Berry lookalike.”

If you have actually ever seen a motion picture about a ghastly, bratty film star you most likely understand where this is going. She continued:

“I didn’t know my character was the lead let alone who played her. When the actors arrived at the event and found out there were lookalikes of them Lea came searching for me. When she saw me she said, ‘Oh my god! Could they have picked someone uglier!’”

Yep Just terrible.

However, somebody a minimum of attempted to make it much better. Moskatow remembers Cory “saw the look on my face and said, ‘Don’t listen to her, she’s just jealous, you’re beautiful.’”Awww She completed:

“I never forgot that.”

Obviously we have no chance of substantiating this story, however it definitely appears in line with the image most of those who have actually stepped forward just recently have actually painted.

If Cory was truly walking around excusing all this habits, that truly simply makes it a lot even worse, does not it??

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN/Monica Moskatow/Instagram.]

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