Cost of Developing a Fitbit App

Fitbit App
Fitbit App

The fitness industry is growing day by day. Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health and staying fit.

Instead of using traditional methods of staying fit, most people use a Fitness App to track their daily workout.

There are more than 3 billion Fitness App users in the world. The number of people using Fitness Apps has increased drastically after the Coronavirus Lockdown.

The gyms and parks are closed due to lockdown, which leaves the people with only one option, i.e., workout at home.

Fitness Apps makes indoor workout ten times more effective. You can use a Fitbit App to track your daily exercise and learn new techniques.

This is an excellent opportunity to start your own business during the lockdown. You can launch your own Fitbit app as more and more people are beginning to use these apps.

In this article, we will show you the cost of developing a Fitbit app. This is the average cost of development. You can approach an app developer to get the estimate as well.

Fitbit App Development Cost:

The cost depends on the features. If you want more features, the mobile app development cost will increase. Here we will show you the essential cost of 5 main parts of a Fitbit App. These are the core features.

  • Basic Block: It includes the features which are standard for all types of app. It is the footing of your Application. It includes all these features.
  • User profiles: Here, the users can create their own profile to track their records. It takes 50 hours.
  • Setting Targets: Here, the users can set their own goals and targets. It takes 65 hours.
  • Wearable Integration: Users can connect this app with their smartwatch or bracelets. It takes 60 hours.
  • Push Notifications: It will remind the users about the upcoming task or activity. It takes 30 hours.
  • Tracking Block:

This is the second important part of a Fitbit app. This tracking block will track user activity like daily activity, sleep quality, and physiological factors when working out. It includes all these features.

  • Daily Activity Tracking: It will track the distance, active minute, and a number of steps. It takes 40 hours.
  • Physiological Parameters Tracking: It will check the heartbeat and workout time. It takes 40 hours.
  • Sleep Tracking Tools: It will track the frequency of getting up between sleep, duration of sleep, and sleep changes. It takes 55 hours.
  • Nutrition Block:

This is the third most important part of a Fitbit app. Here can track daily nutrition. It will encourage users to eat nutritious food to achieve their goals. It includes all these features.

  • Weight Tracker: Here, users can enter their weight after time intervals to track it. It takes 40 hours.
  • Hydration Measurement: Here, users can enter their water intake to get reminders about staying hydrated. It takes 40 hours.
  • Barcode Scanner: Users can scan the barcode behind the food items to check the nutrition level and know if it’s good for them. It takes 60 hours.
  • Food Logging: Users can log the food they eat to monitor their daily food intake. It takes 45 hours.
  • Workout Block:

This block of features helps users during their daily workout. This is the feature that includes all the things related to exercise. It includes all these features.

  • Running Tools: Here, users can get a map, route, distance, time, and everything related to running exercise. It takes 70 hours.
  • Exercise Calendar: Users can use this feature to check their previous workouts. They can track their running. It takes 50 hours.
  • Digital Coach: This feature is for those who want a coach. These features act as a digital coach while exercising. It takes 65 hours.
  • Social & Entertainment Block:

This is the last block of features. With this feature, users can integrate this app with social media and interact with each other. It includes all these features.

  • Social network Integration: Here, users can integrate this app with their social media accounts. It takes 30 hours.
  • Engagement Tools: This feature helps you engage users by giving them badges and using levels and scoreboards. It takes 50 hours.

Total Cost:

The total hours needed to develop all these features are 790. On average, an app developer will charge you $40 per hour.

The minimum Fitbit app development cost is $13,600. It includes the Basic Block and any of the other features.

The maximum cost of developing a Fitbit app is $31,600. It will include all the five main parts of the app given above.

So, this is the cost structure for developing a Fitbit app. You can approach any app development company to get the estimate depending on the features.