NBA Will Use Microsoft Teams to Project Fans Into Game Arenas

With the COVID 19 pandemic raging across the globe, mass gatherings have become not only risky, but an impossible feat to achieve. The yearning of these mass gatherings is probably felt utterly by the enthusiastic Sports fans who kept up their lively, competitive spirit supporting their favorite professional sport.

To revive their spirits, The National Basketball Association has now come up with a solution. NBA, which had suspended the season earlier in March due to the Coronavirus pandemic, is now scheduled to restart on July 30.

Keeping in mind the necessary precautions that must be taken in order to curb the virus, the academy has announced it would project more than 300 fans live through Microsoft Teams. The fans who would be invited will be able to interact with each other through a 17 foot video screen. “Together mode” would be enabled for the same, which uses AI segmentation Technology for scheduling meetings and other group activities.

“Our goal is to create an enjoyable and immersive experience where fans can engage with each other and maintain a sense of community as we restart the season under these unique and challenging circumstances,” Sara Zuckert, NBA head of next gen telecast said in a statement.

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