Critical Race Theory Opponents Gained Victory

Critical Race Theory
Critical Race Theory

One of the school boards from the state of Texas gained an overwhelming victory in the elections that took place concerning the issue of critical race theory. It had been for the issue to stop the use of the theory along with the “cultural competence action plan” at schools.

Critical Race Theory Actively Fought By Parents

The election that took place with regard to the issue proved to be an extensively divisive one. It took place this Sunday in Southlake. The advocates of the measures of anti-racism brought the Justice Department of the country order to intervene.

The “Sorry” singer, Demi Lovato, was also mentioned there. The pop star had taken to the social media platform, Twitter, expressing concern about the issue of critical race theory prevailing in the country. The tweet had been made in the month of January. She had stated that she was taken aback to see some parents doing their best to fight for the white supremacist attitude that prevailed in the society. She stated that they were trying their best to prevent their children from having some anti-racism lessons. 

According to sources, the opponents made their point by claiming that the plan would lead to “diversity police.” They also advocated the thought that it was helpful in reversing racism. The families belonging to the Southlake took to Twitter to make their claims against the critical race theory. The tweets clearly stated that the theory was not welcomed by them. The families went on to support the candidates from the suburb that lies in the northwest of Dallas, almost 30 miles away.  

Dana Loesch, a radio host, too gave a statement on the critical race theory issue. It was stated that the parents tried their best to throw the system of racism out of their districts. The host further talked about the efforts of the parents in fighting the issue.