Kamala Harris’ Thoughts On Racism In America

kamala harris
kamala harris

The Vice-president of the United States of America, Kamala Harris, along with President Biden agreed to the claims of Tim Scott. Earlier, Scott, the Senator from the state of South Carolina had stated that the country was far from a racist nation. While acknowledging this fact, President Biden and the Vice-President stressed a few more facts. They claimed that racism was something that was a problem that has been prevailing in the country for several years and that was something to not ignore. The statement came in this Thursday.

Kamala Harris- “Racism Cannot Be Ignored”

President Biden was asked if he considered America to be a racist country. The reply of the Democratic president was quite straightforward. He stated that he does not think of America as a racist country. However, he further added that in spite of that fact, the one thing that cannot be ignored is that the community of African Americans are far behind in terms of so many things. They include opportunity, health and education.  

Vice-President Kamala Harris made an appearance on a show on one of the popular news channels. There, the Democrat was asked to shed some light of her own with regard to the comments that were made by the Republican Tim Scott. The comment was made in response to the joint address that Biden had made to Congress. He had stated that the country was not racist. Kamala Harris replied by agreeing to the statement of the Republican.

She further added that they also cannot ignore the truth about the existence of racism both in the past as well as in the present. She also mentioned President Joe Biden in her statement.  Kamala Harris stated that she was absolutely amazed by the courage reflected by the President in admitting the fact and speaking about it.