Darius Slay Will Stay With The Eagles

Darius Slay

Darius . The no.1 CB of the Eagles was almost leaving the team on Wednesday. Darius Slay has recently got the permission try for a trade while he was trying to crack an extension deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the Eagles have never ruled out Slay’s inclusion in the team and never officially released the player.

Josina Anderson, and NFL insider for CBS sports shared reports on Wednesday that the Philly Eagles were not having a great time in letting the player go as they want to keep him in the team. ESPM reported shortly after that Darius Slay probably will stay with the Eagles.

Some insiders were telling that it is not done but it probably will happen as things stands right now. However, soon after these reports the player himself tweeted that he is back like he never left the team, and inserted an eagle emoji at the end of the tweet.

Darius Slay Is Staying With The Eagles:

The Philadelphia Eagles has secured their place in the Super Bowl. They have resigned their cornerback James Bradberry in a three year deal. After a day they finally have a way to keep Darius Slay in the team. Darius Slay came to Eagles back in 2020 from the Lions on a trade deal. He has spent three whole seasons with the team.

Darius Slay is a five-time pro bowler who have had a total of thrty-one passess and seven interceptions in his time with the Eagles. He is their number one cover man. His three-year deal was coming to an end in 23 but he had more than 26million USD due. However, they still found a way to keep him.