Vaccine Mandate Lift To Benefit Kyrie Irving

Vaccine Mandate
Vaccine Mandate

Vaccine Mandate is expected to finally come to an end in New York City. With the onset of the pandemic, strict mandates were imposed all over the world. America was no different. Quarantine, wearing of masks and social distancing were being strictly followed.

Every sector suffered from the ill effects. Major sports leagues got delayed or postponed. A lot of athletes found it hard to make their way back into the team that they play for. Such was the case with Kyrie Irving.

Irving is one of the most promising names in the NBA circuit. He has been very passionate about the game right from his childhood. Irving currently dons the jersey of the Brooklyn Nets. The major reason for Irving’s absence was his reluctance to take the covid vaccine.

All major leagues made it mandatory for their players to get both doses of vaccines. This made Kyrie miss almost thirty-five games in the current season. This came as a huge blow to the Nets.

The performance of the team suffered significantly due to the athlete’s absence. The easing of the vaccine mandate is expected to be a great relief for everyone.

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Vaccine Mandate Eased, NBA To Allow Unvaccinated Players 

Eric Adams announced that the vaccine mandate in New York City will be eased from this week. He also elaborated that the athletes that have not been vaccinated can play in major leagues like NBA & MLB.

This change of rules will mean that all unvaccinated players of the New York Yankees and Mets will be allowed for live-action. 

Kyrie Irving has expressed his happiness over the news of easing the vaccine mandate. He stated that it was a long wait for him.

However, he is eager to get back into action. Irving also told the press that the long vacation has helped him recover significantly.