Dennis Schroder Eyes His Unfinished Busines Coming Back With The Lakers

dennis schroder
dennis schroder

After his 2nd session only with LA Lakers, Dennis Schroder admitted he still feels like he has “unresolved issues.”

The shooting guard of 29 years of age talked about his desire to win more games than LA did in his initial year with the team, is when Lakers’ attempt to replicate as champions was ended by a loss here to Phoenix Suns inside the opening round. He also discussed a business choice he made during in the 2020–21 season which has troubled him ever since.

Dennis Schroder alleges the LA Lakers never extended to him a 4-year, $84 mn extension to his contract he had been able to sign in that season. Dennis Schroder inked a one-year, $2.64 mn contract only with the LA Lakers previous month.

It seems to be a linguistics issue. Whenever the Lakers brought up the possibility of an agreement in February 2021, a person familiar with those discussions between Dennis Schroder’s counsel there at moment and the team said Schroder’s side preferred waiting until the postseason to talk about a contract when he became free agent.

Dennis Schroder To Reslve His Unfinished Business With LA Lakers:

From then, Dennis Schroder’s as well as the Lakers’ fates shifted. The Lakers started the season strong with a score of 22-7 in semi Feb after those contract talks were taking place, finished the season with a 20-23 mark due to squad injuries as well as COVID-19 absenteeism. Furthermore, Schroder had a disappointing postseason performance against Phoenix, scoring 14.3 pointson aggregate on 40% shot and averaging 2.8 per game assists.

Los Angeles decided against negotiating the same kind of lengthy contract over the summer and instead traded in Russell Westbrook to handle point guard instead.

Dennis Schroder eventually agreed to a yet another year, $5.9 mn deal with Celtics and, after already being moved, concluded the campaign only with Houston Rockets.