Lizzo Said She Is Minding Her Own Business Of Being Black, Fat, And Beautiful After Kanye West’s Insults


Lizzo jokedly asked the fans at her show in Torronto whether she could reside in Canada since Kanye West disparaged her overweight in a Fox News interview.

The singer made it clear that he does not care about her haters. In a footage that TMZ got from the Grammy victor’s Friday performance in Toronto, the 34-year-old seemed to make allusion to Kanye West’s latest dig at her size. She was speaking against such people calling her names apparently for no reason.

Lizzo in her clip said that just like others in the country get her name in their lipsfor no apparent reasons. She said she is minding her own business and she is happy with her appearance.

She even attempted to locate a Canadian husband for dual nationality, which was met with applause and laughter from the audience. Lizzo also inquired of the audience if she might seek safety in Canada.

Lizzo Doesn’t Care About Her Haters:

Kanye West in his interview said that when Lizzo lose 10 pounds the telemarketing callers of Instagram attack her for that as the media always wants to put a perception out about being overweight. According to him the media wants to make it look like being overweight is the new goal which is in fact unhealthy.

West went on adding that even keeping the facts aside that if it is new fashion or just vogue, or maybe some thinks that is attractive, which it is not. He said people promoting these types of agendas is according to him demonic.

This week, after making antisemitic remarks that led to the restriction of his Instagram account, West proceeded to Tweet, in which another tweet of his got removed due to more obscene remarks.

Lizzo has already encountered sexist remarks about her size from comic Aries Spears, who once called her appearance in an interview. She is no new to body-shaming from guys in the business.

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