Detroit Lions: Matt Patricia, Coach, and Bob Quinn, GM Fired

Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions

After being under .500 for two seasons straight and again being under .500 during midseason, Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn of Detroit Lions were sacked.

Patricia had a record of 13-29-1 and the Detroit Lions had 31-43-1 when Quinn took over as the team’s general manager.

Sheila Lamp, the owner said on Saturday that despite being hard-working and terrific, the relationship between them and her team just wasn’t working. Darrell Bevell, offensive coordinator, Lions would be appointed as the temporary head coach of the Lions. The team’s losses against Houston and Carolina made Sheila take this decision.

For Detroit Lions, The Search For Candidates Still Remains

Wood and Sheila will conduct a comprehensive search for head coach and GM candidates. Sheila will also look for guidance within the league and other avenues. There is also a possibility of hiring one of the search firms.

After 2017, when Jim Caldwell was fired and Matt Patricia was hired, the team never prospered under the new head coach.

Quinn was hired in Jan. 2016 after Tom Lewand, President, and Martin Mayhew, GM was fired in the 2015 midseason. Quinn promised to focus on the roster depths. Jones was one of the best signings made by Quinn. Detroit won twelve games under Patricia in 2.5 seasons.

Both Quinn and Matt Patricia had a shared vision that never matured into anything but bad performance and inconsistency. Quinn also made some good moves during the 2018 season and had some success. He struggled in 2017 and the regular season of 2019.

After taking over Detroit Lions from Martha Ford, her mother, she has to make some major hires and shape the future of this franchise. They have last won the division title in 1993, also since the season of 1991, they have not won one playoff game and would look to winning more in the future.