Dillon Jordan, Movie Producer, Accused Of Running Far-Reaching Prostitution Ring!

Dillon Jordan
Dillon Jordan

Dillon Jordan, a movie producer was arrested on Thursday following allegations of him running a far-reaching and extensive prostitution ring. This prostitution ring run by Dillon Jordan was hidden by the producer for years with his movie-producing companies. This is according to the federal prosecutors. 

Dillon Jordan Partnered With A Madam Based In The United Kingdom!

Jordan used to back the 2018 drama of Maggie Gyllenhall. Now, people are directing allegations on him of pimping underprivileged girls to Johns around the United States of America during the last seven years. According to the indictment filed inside New York’s Southern District, this prostitution ring continued to function from 2010 – 2017. Jordan Dillon, now 49 years old, allegedly utilized his production company along with a firm of event planning to hide all these proceeds resulting from his sex sales. The firm of event planning is based in California. This is according to the unsealed court papers of Thursday. The producer allegedly partnered with a madam who is based in the United Kingdom. 

The indictment also states that Dillon made this madam his partner by referring and sharing prostitutes and customers with her. The allegation of running this prostitution made has been made on the producer for years now. Allegedly, Dillon Jordan operated this far-reaching and extensive prostitution ring using his production company and an event management company to hide his proceeds resulting from his sex sales.

This is according to the statement made by Audrey Strauss, the US attorney of Manhattan. He declared that the life of this party is now coming to an end. In 2013, Dillon Jordan founded PaperChase Films, his production company which was responsible for producing many films like 2019s Kindergarten Teacher and The Kid. One of his movies also won an award at the Film Festival of Sundance in 2018.