A Beautiful Red-Sox Vs Yankees Match Ruined By COVID!


The match between the Yankees and the Red Sox, which was supposed to be a beautiful affair, got ruined by Covid-19. That day was a rare day inside this sopping, soggy summer. There was just one thing on the weather app, the sun. The sun never ceased to shine gloriously and unambiguously that day. Whenever you would look up to the sky, you would find the sun casting its rays, standing there alone, unimpeded by clouds, lightning, or rain droplets. 

It Turned Out To Be A Bad Day For The Fans Of The Yankees And The Red Sox!

The App forecasted that the remaining days of the weekend would look more spotty and sketchy, like this summer. However, the day of the match between the Red Sox and the Yankees had just one thing waiting for them high up in the sky, the sun! No thunderstorms and dark clouds were brewing in the sky that day. At 7:05 pm, Kike Hernandez received the baseball from Domingo German. The Yankee Stadium was buzzing with fans cheering and greeting the occasion. The fans thought that once during this soaking and sodden summer, finally they would be witnessing a beautiful baseball game! 

However, the match between the Red Sox and the Yankees turned out to be a disaster. There were no players to be seen from both the teams and no umpires were present for the occasion. Except, the stands were empty and the stadium doors never greeted the audience and remained closed. The role of the sun was not needed that day by either the Yankees or the Red Sox. The game got postponed, due to COVID. Just another day, and just another game ruined because of this raging pandemic. Both the Yankees and the Red Sox fans were disappointed by this decision!